Thursday, October 20, 2022

Dear Grizzly: Susan is Suspicious of Her Auto Mechanic


Dear Grizzly: Susan is Suspicious of Her Auto Mechanic

How do I know they are not just trying to take advantage of me because I am a single woman?

DEAR GRIZZLY: I took my car to a local garage for a tune-up, and they gave me an estimate for $3,300.00. How do I know they are not just trying to take advantage of me because I am a single woman? I have enclosed the estimate and would be grateful if you could review it and advise me.

 -- Susan Sincerely Suspicious in Spokane Washington

 DEAR SINCERELY SUSPICIOUS SUSAN: Let me start out by saying that your fears of being taken advantage of by an auto mechanic because you are a single woman are completely unfounded. I can assure you, auto mechanics take advantage of anyone regardless of their gender or marital status. When I was young, it was nothing for me to tear down my own engine in my driveway and in a matter of no time, a tow truck would be there to haul it off to the junk yard. As for your estimate, any time it starts with, ‘Once upon a time . . .’ you should be wary. On your estimate I would question such items as: tuning your radio; lubricating your rear end, (though that is a legitimate charge in Bangkok), change the air in your tires with a scent of potpourri; flush your differential, yank your crank … shaft; rotate your headlights; and align your cam-a-fram. For now, you need to get a second opinion and not from the mechanic standing next to the one who gave you this estimate. In the future, for your automotive requirements, I say forget about ‘Mister Right,’ and marry ‘Mister Good-Wrench.’

 Signed: Grizzly ‘greasy’ Gus

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