Thursday, December 15, 2022


Dear Grizzly: Evelyn ‘Envious of Everyone Everywhere

My mother is always saying we should count our blessings. 


DEAR GRIZZLY: Recently my husband left me for another woman, I don't make enough as a waitress, so I had to move in with mother, who looks after my daughter when I'm working and going to school at night. I drive an old beat-up car and I don't have the time, money, or energy to hang out with my friends on the weekends. My mother is always saying we should count our blessings. Right now, I'm feeling very unblessed and with the holidays coming up, I'm not feeling very thankful either. Have you ever been in my situation?                                

 -- Evelyn ‘Envious of Everyone Everywhere.’


DEAR ENVIOUS EVELYN: You asked if I have ever been in your situation. No, can’t say I’ve been married to a man who left me for a woman, and leaving me with a daughter I gave birth to. That would sure be one for my bucket list, now wouldn’t it! If you are asking if I have ever felt sorry for myself … yes … every time I look in the mirror. Once when I did not have any money for shoes, I was feeling sorry for myself, until I met a man at Walmart, in a wheelchair with no feet. I said, “Hey buddy, you got any shoes you ain’t needing anymore.” I learned a lesson that day, ‘…Watch what you say to old dudes in wheelchairs, they will think you’re being a wise guy and chase you out into the parking lot.

You have a mother, who took you in and is supporting you while you work and finish your education and looks after the most precious thing anyone could ever have, a child. You want something to be thankful for this season? Be glad I don't know where you live and come over there and kick your ungrateful butt. Now go tell your mother how much you appreciate her and give your kid a hug.

Signed: Grizzly ‘very grateful’ Gus


Dear Grizzly, is written by Gustaf Alford Grizzard, and was created a ways back. If you want nice and sweet advice for your problems - write Dear Abby. If you want someone to tell you like it is, contact ‘Dear Grizzly’; email:;;

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